A new year, a new start, a new blog – after my old one got three posts in and I lost interest. I’m endeavouring not to do that this time! With A Geek’s Progress, I’ll be charting my vague movements in the direction of becoming a functioning adult, while also keeping my hand in at this whole ‘creative writing’ business that I’ve chosen as my career.

While my current job is great, it doesn’t leave much room for freedom of expression. Not so here. If I want to go on a rambling diatribe about why Golem was the best of the original 150 Pokémon, no-one can stop me – that doesn’t mean that you have to read it, of course.

So, what kind of progress is on the cards this year? For starters, I’ve bought a house with my brother, which we’re renovating together. The Polish builders we have doing the actual work make China’s Broad Group look like Jabba the Hutt on a slow morning before his coffee.

Next, I’ll be leaving my job in September and jetting off to China, at which point I’ll switch the format from ‘These are my occasional life updates and random musings’ to ‘These are my occasional life updates and random musings from an exotic location’. I’ll be heading to China for a month and a half’ish, followed by the geek capital of the world (Seoul – you haven’t made it in eSports until you’ve made it in Korea) and a significantly ungeeky month and a half of backpacking up the Gold Coast of Australia.

Let the adulting begin!


One thought on “The Easy First Post

  1. Exciting times coming up, Tom. So proud of you and what you are going to achieve.
    Anything is possible.
    Love you
    Mum xxx


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