I know, I promised more updates on the house and the work that went into it. I could make excuses, but realistically it’s just that I found it difficult to sit down and write for pleasure when I write for work every day.

Well, no more! As of Friday the 26th August, I’ve left my job and am about to embark on an adventure across China, South Korea and Australia – flying tomorrow, the 1st September. I’m packed; I have my Kindle, iPad (to keep this blog updated), notebooks and camera; my insurance; and a healthy dose of anxiety. I think that ticks all of the boxes, don’t you?

Max and I are renting my room out while I’m away, so not only have I packed a bag for three months; I also packed all of my clothes and sundries up today. Seeing all of the boxes makes it much more real!

My next update will probably come from Hong Kong, where I’ll be until the 5th; after that, I join a tour group and head to mainland China. First stop: Yangshuo, for bamboo rafting, cormorant fishing and mud baths. Hěn kuài zàijiàn!


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